What’s happening at SAA?


Back to School Dance – 2018

We had a wonderful turnout at our first dance of the new school year – so many new faces! We’ve uploaded a few photos from the lesson & dance here, but you can check out the rest on our facebook page!


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Valentine’s Dance 2018!

We had such a wonderful time dancing with all of you at our Valentine’s Dance, our annual joint event with Friday Night Swing! A special thanks to the amazing James Dapogny Quintet, all of our hardworking organizers and volunteers, and of course – to you, for filling the floor with your love of dancing! We can’t wait until next year 🙂

Mix & Match Winners!
1st place – Bryana Hall & Mike van Andel
2nd place – Kendra Wade & Emily Topham
3rd place – Maddie Harris & Douglas Bae
Congrats, everyone! Make sure to contact SAA & FNS to receive your prizes!

John Jay Li Photography took some stellar photos of y’all dancing and cheesin’ at the photo booth. We’ve uploaded just a few here, but you can check out the rest at http://www.johnjayli.com!

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For more photos of the dance, visit John’s website!

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Check out the rest of the photo booth pics HERE!

Danse Macabre

Don’t tuck those Halloween costumes in depths of your closet just yet – on November 1st, we’re bringing you:

  • FREE beginner lesson from 7-8pm
  • 3 hours of dancing from 8-11pm
  • live music from 501 Swing Street
  • a battle-style Mix & Match competition
    • 1st & 2nd place prizes: FREE private lesson or FREE month of series classes
  • a costume contest
    • 1st place: FREE month of series classes
    • 2nd place: FREE entry to a regular Wednesday Night Dance
  • Too much discount Halloween candy

RSVP to the facebook event for specific updates!

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Shim Sham with Sarah!

A song starts to play, and dozens of dancers rush onto the floor. They’re not partnered up, yet somehow everyone is moving in sync and doing exactly the same moves. It’s almost as if they’re… choreographed!
Have you ever seen this and wanted to join in, but didn’t know what to do? Sign up here!

Sarah Campbell Jones is teaching a workshop on the Shim Sham! It’s quite possibly the most famous line dance in the Lindy Hop world. Sarah will guide you through these need-to-know solo jazz moves, and teach variations for those of you who already know the original. To see

shimshamsarahBring your own style and attitude to this line dance – after all, ” ‘Tain’t what you do; it’s the way that you do it!”

Wednesday, October 25th, 8:00-9:30pm
Space 2435, North Quad on State St.
$12 regular
$10 student
$7 SAA Member

Shim Sham Workshop!


We’re kicking off August with a one-hour Shim Sham workshop, taught by Connor Cole!

What’s the Shim Sham?
The Shim Sham is a well-known line dance in the Lindy Hop community. The Shim Sham consists of solo jazz moves (which means you don’t have to dance with a partner!). This class is a great way to explore solo movement.

What if I already know the Shim Sham?
That’s awesome! In addition to the basic Shim Sham moves, Connor will be teaching bonus variations on the standard moves, plus some exciting new breaks!

Workshop Price: $8
Student or Member: $7
Student+Member: $6
Please pay by cash or check BEFORE class – please show up 10-15 minutes early!

April Finale: Ambidancetrous IV Swing Workshop w/ Alex Tripp!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.21.11 PMIt’s time for the grand finale of the 2016 Ambidancetrous Lindy & Charleston workshop series! Huzzah! This is the final workshop in the series. If you missed the earlier workshops that’s okay; you should be comfortable with basic Lindy and Charleston to take this class (swingouts, circles, Charleston basic, and tuck turns). For more details click here.

April Intermediate Lindy Hop Series!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 4.10.57 PMThis month’s special topic is Bite Size Routines! Each week Britt & Erin will teach a standard chorus (AABA) of super fun moves and variations that strengthen your musicality AND vocabulary. Get ready for rhythms that you’ve never thought of and shapes you’ve never seen! The choreography is not consecutive from week to week, but the material WILL get progressively more challenging. Check out more details here.

Explore SAA’s exciting March classes!

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Click here to go to our Beginner Series.

Click here to go to our Intermediate Series.

Join SAA’s March Ambidancetrous Swing Workshop w/ Alex Tripp!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 7.26.03 PMIt’s March, and that means musicality! How do you make your dancing fun even when you only know a bare handful of moves? Musicality, of course!

Click here for more!


Late Night Blues is back!

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Blues is back! SAA offers an exciting Late Night Blues dance at Scorekeepers Bar (or “Skeeps”) every Wednesday night! With its spacious and cozy setting and great deals on drinks and burgers, Skeeps is the best venue for blues dancing in town! Join us after Wednesday Night Swing and see you on the dance floor!