Chris Glasow


Chris is a long time fixture in the Ann Arbor Dance Scenes. Representing Ann Arbor in a variety of competitions across the Midwest, he’s had success at events such as: Montreal Swing Riot (2015),  International Lindy Hop Championships (2018), Midwest Lindyfest (2018), Nevermore Jazz Ball (2015, 2017), SwingIn (2015, 2016), and Rocktober (2015, 2016). Building on his experience as a dancer and competitor Chris has taught a variety of classes and private lessons for Lindy Hop, Charleston and St. Louis Shag. He Focuses on clarity of technique, posture, and musicality. Lastly, you’ll find him behind the DJ Table from time to time, where he has a preference for the popular tunes of the original swing dance era, though is no stranger to more modern productions.

If you and/or a partner are interested in taking private lessons from Chris, you can contact him at

Irem Yoruk

Irem is a veteran dancer of the international scene who brings a unique perspective to the Lindy Hop dance. Coming from Turkey and traveling to 10 countries (so far) for dancing has given her insight on the dance not often found in a midwest scene. She competed and performed in several countries and she has had success at events such as Rocktober (2017), SwingIn (2017), Midwest Lindy Fest (2018), Herräng (2017, 2018). Irem takes an inspirational approach that focuses on creativity, expression, and joy. Her teaching style is upbeat, playful, yet explanatory. Expect to see her big smile on the dance floor. 


If you and/or a partner are interested in taking private lessons from Irem, you can contact her for details at