Swing II

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Have you mastered the basic rhythms of Lindy Hop? Can you do tuck-turns, pass-bys, lindy circles, and swing outs in your sleep? Have you taken at least one semester’s worth of Swing I? Are you ready add complexity and variations to your basics, and begin developing your personal dance style? You’re ready for Swing II! Message us or ask the instructors if you’re unsure 🙂


SEPTEMBER SERIES (Sep 10, 17, & 24):
During the month of September, we’ll think about common/familiar moves and consider ways that we can make them more unique! This might mean adding your own style to a move, or changing it up with awesome variations – how will YOU interpret and express it? Connor & Val will encourage you to push yourself to add new levels of complexity & flavor to your dancing!

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  • Prices:
    • Regular: $35
    • Student or Member: $30
    • Student+Member: $25
    • Individual Class: $12
  • Times:   Mondays from 7-8pm
  • Locations: see Calendar