Swing II

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Have you mastered the basic rhythms of Lindy Hop? Can you do tuck-turns, pass-bys, lindy circles, and swing outs in your sleep? Have you taken at least one semester’s worth of Swing I? Are you ready add complexity and variations to your basics, and begin developing your personal dance style? You’re ready for Swing II! Message us or ask the instructors if you’re unsure 🙂


JANUARY SERIES (Jan 14, 21, 38):
Join Irem & Chris for the month of January! As we grow as dancers so does our awareness of ourselves, our partners, and the music we’re dancing to. This series will focus on being present in the dance through musicality, dynamics, and vocabulary. Once we combine our awareness, and the ideas mentioned above we’ll be more free to express, and more energetic on the floor,

***Registrants must know the basic 8 count Lindy Hop movement to be successful in this class. We encourage students to have first completed the equivalent of at *least* one semester of Swing I.

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  • Prices (3-week series):
    • Regular: $35
    • Student or Member: $30
    • Student+Member: $25
    • Individual Class: $12
  • Times:   Mondays from 7-8pm
  • Locations: see Calendar