Special Topics



The Big Apple, a line dance


Occasionally we’ll deviate from our formula and offer a Special Topics series! These may cover special topics such as Balboa, St. Louis Shag, Solo Jazz, Blues, Line Dances, and more!

January 2019, we’ll be offering a 3-week series on Solo Jazz Fundamentals!

SERIES INFO: Solo Jazz Fundamentals with Brittany Armstrong Morton!

  • REGISTER HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/cGUVNOtyrAIAlpic2
  • Prices:
    • Regular: $35 (full series pass)
    • Student or Member: $30 (full series pass)
    • Student+Member: $25 (full series pass)
    • Individual Class: $12
  • Times:  Wednesdays, 8-9pm (same time as the Beginner Drop In)
  • Locations: TBA, but check the Calendar for updates!