Wednesday Night Swing

Swing out & be happy every Wednesday night!

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Come to the fantastic Wednesday Night Swing and dance in Ann Arbor’s most vibrant swing dance community! Our experienced DJs play the best songs for swingin’ out every Wednesday night from 9-11 PM! We regularly invite first-rate local musicians to show us their stuff in the spectacular halls of the University of Michigan! Don’t miss out!

Tip: Take a free Beginner drop-in lesson before Wednesday Night Swing and get free admission to the dance!

  • Location: Michigan League or Michigan Union or North Quad (check our weekly schedule here)
  • Time: 9-11 PM
  • Price (on Wednesdays without live music):
    • $5 general admission
    • $4 student or SAA member
    • $3 student+member
    • FREE! if you attend any of our classes that day or volunteer

Excited to see how our dance nights look like? Click here to go to our gorgeous Wednesday Night Swing photo galleries!