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Explore our exciting Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blues, and Balboa program! We offer free weekly drop-in lessons, multi-week dance series, workshops, late night dances, live music events, & more.

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Workshop Registration Open: Plenty Rhythm Weekend w/ Erin & Matthew!

Plenty Rhythm Weekend will be a unique Jazz Dance and Lindy Hop weekend in Ann Arbor featuring classes with Matthew Pait from the renowned Denver Lindy Hop team 23 Skidoo & your hostess with the mostest, Erin Morris. Live bands for the weekend led by Ann Arbor’s greatest jazz gem, James Dapogny. Click here for details and registration!

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Heads up! November Charleston Workshop w/ Connor & Lauren!


Interested in learning how to dance to faster songs and increase your dance vocabulary? Come learn some sweet Charleston moves with Connor and Lauren!

Connor and Lauren will be teaching the basics of side-by-side Charleston, moves into and out of Charleston from your 6-count or 8-count swing, as well as some transitions into and out of Tandem Charleston. Interested? Click here for more details!

Upcoming November 11: Wednesday Night Swing w/ LIVE MUSIC by The Michael Gardner Quintet!

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November 2015: Join our INTERMEDIATE Lindy Hop Series w/ Britt & Erin!

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Do you feel like your lindy hop mostly consists of rock steps, triple steps, and some kicks? Time to LOOK BETTER and HAVE MORE FUN with the help of solo jazz! You’ll learn the steps individually, but work on partnering them as well to create new swing out variations and other moments of musical AND visual badassery. Click here for details!

November 2015: Come out to our BEGINNER Lindy Hop Series w/ Chris & Sarah!

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Ever Wanted to learn the Lindy Hop? Ever think you could use a refresher on the basics? Ever wanted to get a new perspective? Come check us out! We’re going to get your Lindy Basics under your feet (or hips!) and give you the tools to impress all your friends on the dance floor! Learn the dance, learn some cool moves, and come dance with us! Click here for details!

Upcoming this week: Thriller Workshop w/ Britt!

3677605288_539449ed1eIf you have ever wanted to learn the moves to Thriller, this is your chance! This workshop with Britt is going to be super fun and open to all dance levels!

Come dressed in comphy clothes because we are going to move! Britt highly recommends doning your favortie 80’s jazzercise attire!

  • Date: October 26, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Location: Mason Hall (Room TBA)


SAA proudly presents its Fall 2015 Back to School Dance w/ LIVE MUSIC act by the fabulous Rhythm Rapscallions!

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October 2015: INTERMEDIATE Balboa Series with Britt & Erin!

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The first-ever INTERMEDIATE SERIES in Balboa offered by Swing Ann Arbor! Champion Balboa sweetheart Brittany and her favorite follow Erin have tons of challenging and musical moves and ideas for you this month. To take the class, you should be familiar with the basics of Balboa and Bal-Swing.

View Details!

October 2015: BEGINNER Lindy Hop Series with Connor & Lauren!


In this month’s BEGINNER SERIES you can learn the basics of Lindy Hop from Lauren Levy and Connor Cole! Sign up for your introduction to Swing dance now!

View Details!



October 2015: FANCY PANTS Workshop with Jason Niesz & Erin Morris!

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The original dynamic duo of Michigan lindy hop is back together, for one Saturday, to melt your faces with their fancy pants!

Jason is a regular teacher at the Jam Cellar in Washington DC, and his lindy hop series “Really Fucking Hard Moves” has reached dizzying popularity. Inspired by the sheer fun of teaching hard stuff, Jason & Erin will be featuring their fanciest and favoritest moves in lindy hop, charleston, and blues for this workshop!!!

View Details!

September 2015: Balboa Bootcamp Workshop with Britt & Erin!


Are you Bal-curious? Do you need a brush-up on your Balboa basics? This workshop will take you from Zero to Balboa in 3 hours!

This will be an excellent beginner workshop but is also recommended for people with some balboa experience who what to refresh on the basics, practice some technique and prepare for an upcoming Bal series class which will be an intermediate moves and technique focused class.

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October 2015 Lindy Hop in Chicago  –                   50Fifty with Lainey Silver & Dan Newsome!

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50Fifty continues to bring great dance instruction to Chicago. This weekend will have fantastic classes for intermediate/advanced lindy hoppers and blues dancers both on Saturday, and a special aerial skills class on Sunday for advanced dancers with Lainey Silver and Dan Newsome!

Added bonus: we’ll also have a fantastic live band from Minneapolis, Southside Aces to play both Friday AND Saturday night for us!

  • Event dates: 16 – 18 October 2015
  • Location: Chicago, IL

For more information & event registration click here!

September 2015: INTERMEDIATE Lindy Hop Series with Erin & Britt!

TOPIC: Your Lindy Hop Wishes You Knew These Other Dances

11879184_10206525829458148_2757005062654338612_oThe average lindy hopper in the 1930s and 40s was not limited just to “lindy and charleston”! They were able to call upon many kinds of social dances — blues, mambo, and various ballroom dances — in order to create steps, shapes, and improvisations that made their lindy hop more versatile and compelling. This class will teach and help you incorporate these types of styles!

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September 2015: BEGINNER Lindy Hop Series with Chris & Sarah!

Done the drop-ins and looking for more? Taken other series and still looking to learn more cool moves and technique? Want to know what all the fuss about Lindy Hop is? Come check out our Beginner Lindy Hop series in September and learn the basics of Lindy Hop from Chris Glasow & Sarah Campbell! View Details!



August 2015: Solo Jazz Improv Workshop with Erin!


This workshop is magical & methodical, designed to help you understand the architecture of improvising to jazz music, and to infuse you with the spirit & sparkle to do it beautifully!

View Details!

August 2015: BEGINNER Lindy Hop Series with Lauren & Connor


Learn the basics of Lindy Hop from Lauren Levy and Connor Cole!

Both instructors bring a unique style to the dance!

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August 2015: INTERMEDIATE Lindy Hop Series with Sarah & Chris

Ready to take your dancing to the next level? Ready to excite your partner and yourself? Chris and Sarah have worked hard the past few months to bring you all new material with pizazz!

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Give to SAA: Fundraiser for LIVE MUSIC!

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Interested in having more LIVE MUSIC at Wednesday Night Swing? Help Swing Ann Arbor to organize a Summer Sizzilin’ Live Music event with Jennie Lavine and her gang at the end of July or early August. Please consider donating to our GoFundMe Campaign (click here). Our goal is to have this special dance FREE for everyone, however we need to pay musicians and for the cost of the room. Please donate if you’d like to support the Swing Ann Arbor community!

July 2015: Big Apple Workshop!


This is it. The crown jewel of swing line dances: the Big Apple itself. Come learn this dance from Alex Tripp and prepare to have your socks knocked off!



View Details!

Check out our NEW SwingIn’ Dependence Dance Photo Gallery! 

Do you have exciting photos of our events you would like to share? Then contact us and we’ll publish them here! Or tweet your own snapshots on our Twitter page!

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Click here to go to the gallery!



July 2015: BEGINNER Lindy Hop with Erin & Britt!

FullSizeRender-2Learn the basics from some of the best with Erin and Britt. If you’re looking to learn the lindy hop, or looking to solidify your dancing, this is the series for you!


Go to the July Beginner Series! 

July 2015: INTERMEDIAIMG_9292TE Lindy Hop with  Sarah & Chris!

This series will give you some keys to dancing fast and embracing Lindy Hop at high speeds.


Go to the July Intermediate Series! 

Join us for our Shim Sham workshop this Saturday!

11202967_10156154299915131_4623958276375459600_oCome learn the Shim Sham THIS WEEKEND with Connor! The traditional version will be taught, followed by Dean Collins’ version, which uses the original choreography with additional jazz steps. Great inspiration for other areas of your dancing!

View Details!


Upcoming in September: Chicago Instructor Training Experience 2015 (CITE)!

Are you a blues or swing dance instructor interested in deepening your teaching skills? Are you an experienced dancer who is interested in getting into teaching? Join us for this dance pedagogy weekend intensive. You will learn dance teaching theory, practice using it with your your peers, then team up with another instructor to teach a segment of a community workshop.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 2.39.19 AMIn addition to class time, you will have individual appointments with Ruth or Mike to prepare your class segment for the community workshop and to give you individual feedback on your teaching. Leave the weekend with concrete ways to make your classes more awesome and with inspiration and fresh energy for your dance teaching. Expect to have fun and to work hard.

  • Event dates: 25 – 27 September 2015
  • Location: Chicago, IL, USA

For more information go to the CITE website!


Introducing our June Practice Series with Chris!

This month we thought we’d do something different by opening up a space for us to practice and learn from each other! Always wanted to ask about a cool move? Want to check in with other people to get tips? Or just want to practice solo stuff? This is the time!



Go to the June Practice Series! 


Check out our June series All-Levels Lindy Hop with Britt & Erin

FullSizeRender-2Join us for this special all-levels lindy hop series with a focus on basics — really hard basics! Each week will offer an in-depth exploration of a lindy hop building block: balance, rhythm, connection, and momentum.

Go to the ALL-Levels Lindy Hop Series! 


NOW ONLINE: Our new photo gallery of last week’s The Big Goodbye farewell dance for Alex Belhaj!

Click here to enter the photo gallery and share your own dance snapshots on our official Twitter page!


Photos by Davarani Photography



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Announcing May 2015 Intermediate Lindy Hop Series with Chris & Erin!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.21.34 AMThe day has finally come! Erin’s going to hit followers by storm for the first time in two years! So get your swivelin’ feet ready and we’ll put both leads and follows through the dancin’ of their lives!

Go to the Intermediate Series! 


May Workshop: RHYTHM ATTACK with Erin Morris & Nathan Bugh

Legendary rhythm man Nathan Bugh has a list of lindy hop & solo jazz accomplishments as long as a Michigan winter. Ann Arbor is the LUCKIEST town because he will be in the house (Gretchen’s house, to Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.40.24 AMbe exact) to blow your mind with rhythm & inspiration! His spirited sidekick Erin Morris, also renowned for her playful feet and twisted rhythms, will ensure an equal attack on leads and follows alike. Musicality, movement quality, & technique will chew up your dancing and spit it out better. Don’t miss out — GET ATTACKED!

  • Date: Saturday, May 9
  • Time: Workshop 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Dance party with LIVE MUSIC 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM
  • Location: Gretchen’s House 1580 Dhu Varren Rd, Ann Arbor 48105
  • Registration here!

For additional information visit our Facebook page!


Coming soon: JASSAFRASS with Erin Morris & Her Ragdolls

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.11.18 PM

Welcome to the 2nd annual Ragdolls Revue! Featuring live hot jazz from the incomparable James Dapogny Quartet, this full length show unveils fresh, exciting dance numbers from the Ragdolls and scintillates with special guest dancer Nathan Bugh from NYC! This is a no-holds barred, all-stops-pulled show that is not-to-be-missed!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.10.52 PMThe College Theater at WCC provides amazing acoustics and cozy raked seating for your unfettered viewing enjoyment.

Tickets $15 in advance (see your local Ragdoll), $20 at the door.

  • Date: Friday, May 8
  • Location: WCC College Theater / LA Building, Ypsilanti MI 48197
  • Time: 8:00 PM

For more information click here!

April 2015 Workshop: AMBIDANCETROUS IV series with Alex Tripp!

IMG_9275The fourth and final workshop in the Ambidancetrous Lindy Hop series with Alex Tripp is just around the corner! This is a continuation of the series, but you do NOT need to have attended the last workshop to come to this one! All you need is to be able to do Lindy Hop (both leading and following) at a beginner level.

Click here for details >>>

Now online! Explore our new photo gallery of our recent dance event “Swing into Spring”!

IMG_9340 IMG_9249

Click here to enter the photo gallery >>>


April Beginner & Intermediate Series with Britt & Erin!

Get excited for AWESOME POCKETS!!! This lindy hop series is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate dancers! We’ll start off week one with the lindy fundamentals, and the remaining weeks will be spent teaching short sequences of really musical and flashy moves so that you can have these bad boys IN YOUR POCKET at any time in your dancing. Breaks, jazz steps, and personality will abound. Guaranteed to deliver even more fun and delight than usual!

Go to the Beginner & Intermediate Series! 

April Series Special: ALL LEVELS Charleston with Chris & Lauren


The Charleston is probably what comes to mind when you think of the 1920’s and “flappers“. However, Charleston continued to evolve into the 1940’s and beyond. In this ALL LEVELS series, Chris and Lauren will focus on teaching the beauty of Charleston with its clear weight changes and peppy steps. ALL LEVELS are welcome: Chris and Lauren will teach the basics for beginners and challenge intermediate dancers with exciting varieties that will enrich their dancing and take it to new levels.

Go to the ALL LEVELS Charleston Series!


April 9: Get tickets now for Max Raabe & the Palast Orchester Berlin @ Hill Auditorium

Put on your top hat, tie up your white tie, and brush off your tails! Dashing, dapper, and debonair, Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester recreates the Golden Age of Berlin in the 1920s. So pull out those cloche hats and fedoras and let the songbooks of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, and Fred Astaire take you back to that timeless era.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 2.47.21 PM  Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 2.27.59 PM


Thursday, April 15, 2015 7:30 PM
Hill Auditorium
Ann Arbor

Discount for U-M students! Get tickets here!                 Also see Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester website 


April 1st: Wednesday Night Swing proudly presents “Swing into Spring”

Come out and swing to fantastic LIVE MUSIC tunes by first-rate local artist Alex Belhaj & His City Crescen Quartet! Wednesday Night Swing will host the event in the marvelous halls of the Michigan League! Don’t miss out!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.32.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 3.04.55 PM

Michigan League Vandenberg Room                                                                         Wednesday, April 1, 2015 9:00 PM

Free for students                                                                                                           $5 Community members, $1 discount for members                                                   $3 suggested donation for live music costs


March 2015 Workshop: Join AMBIDANCETROUS III with Alex Trip!

327260_original.jpgIt’s time to learn all about how to dance WITH the music! Part three of the Ambidancetrous Lindy Hop workshop with Alex Tripp will cover:

  • Finding the beat
  • Timing
  • Rhythm variations and break steps
  • Finding patterns in swing music
  • Phrasing and dynamics
    …and more!


Sign up for our March Swing Dance Series! New Beginner & Intermediate Lessons available now!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.28.34 PM-2Have you taken some of our drop-in lessons and are looking to learn more? Do you want to brush up on your basics and learn some exciting new moves? Or want to take your dancing to ever loftier heights? Come check out SAA’s March Beginner & Intermediate Lindy Hop Series!

Go to the Beginner Series!

Go to the Intermediate Series!


Nominate Swing Ann Arbor for U-M Student Leadership Award!

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.10.34 PMSupport Swing Ann Arbor to gain campus-wide recognition for its work! Take a few minutes to nominate us for the Michigan Difference Student Leadership Awards!  These awards recognize the contributions that students are making both on and off campus. The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 6pm in the Michigan Union’s Rogel Ballroom. Nominations are due March 1st. Click here to nominate Swing Ann Arbor!


NOW ONLINE: Our new photo gallery! Take a look at our Valentine’s Day Swing album! 

Do you have exciting photos of our events you would like to share? Then contact us and we’ll publish them here! Or tweet your own snapshots on our Twitter page!

IMG_8972 IMG_9020 IMG_9007

February 2015: AMBIDANCETROUS II with Alex Tripp!

327262_originalAre you interested in learning how to dance lead and follow and to switch between both? Sounds like fun?! Then join Alex Tripp’s Ambidance workshop Part II on Saturday, February 21! Now is the time to polish up everything we learned at the last workshop and work on our fundamentals. Click here for more details!



Sign up for our February Swing Dance Series! New Beginner & Intermediate Lessons available now!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 5.49.29 PMHave you taken some of our Drop In Lessons and are looking to learn more? Do you want to brush up on your basics and learn some exciting new moves? Or want to take your Dancing to ever loftier heights? Come check out SAA’s February Beginner & Intermediate Lindy Hop Series!

Go to the Beginner Series!

Go to the Intermediate Series!

Swing Ann Arbor proudly presents: The spectacular 2015 VINTAGE VALENTINE’S DANCE on February 11th!

Join Swing Ann Arbor for a Vintage Valentine’s dance with LIVE music by Alex Belhaj’s Crescent City Quintet! Dress your best! The VINTAGE VALENTINE’S DANCE will be followed by late night blues with LIVE MUSIC by the fantastic Arash Ardehali, Connor Cole, and Jens Glaser at Silvio’s Organic Pizza! For more details click here.

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February 15: WYNTON MARSALIS & his LINCOLN CENTER ORCHESTRA are coming to the Hill Auditorium!



A 2011 NEA Jazz Master, 2014 UMS Distinguished Artist Award recipient, and arguably the most famous jazz musician alive, trumpeter and composer Wynton Marsalis is an iconic figure in the evolution of the art form and a tireless advocate for jazz as America’s classical music. From his New Orleans beginnings and fiery debut with legendary drummer Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers to his current role as artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center, he inspires and uplifts people through superb musicmaking. Since 1988, Marsalis has led the 15-piece Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, which simultaneously honors the rich heritage of Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong while presenting a stunning variety of new works from illustrious names, many of whom perform regularly with the ensemble. From swinging to supple, sophisticated to spirited, it’s all sheer jazz perfection — it’s no wonder these annual appearances have become a favorite of UMS audiences.

This year’s concert features music of Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, and Dave Brubeck.

Discount for U-M students! Get tickets here!logo-header-pink

Sunday, February 15, 2015 4:00PM
Hill Auditorium

AMBIDANCETROUS! Come to our second January Workshop & learn dancing both sides!

popular-wedding-songs30Are you interested in learning how to dance lead and follow and to switch between both? Sounds like fun?! Then join Alex Tripp’s Ambidance workshop on Saturday, January 31! Everyone is welcome: beginners as well as more advance dancers! This is the first workshop in a whole series of them over the next four months. Click here for more details!

Upcoming Ctrl+Alt+Dance Film Premiere in Ann Arbor! RESERVE A TICKET NOW!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.07.29 PMExcited about dance movies? The directors and organizers of Ctrl + Alt + Dance would be delighted to air their movie premiere in Ann Arbor! Ctrl+Alt+Dance needs 50+ people to pre-register for tickets ($15/ticket). If you are interested in this movie premiere, please click on the link to reserve your ticket. 30% of the revenue of the film will be returned back to the Ann Arbor community! Watch the trailer here!

Event Information: The showing will be before Pirate Swing on March 12, 2015 @ Goodrich Quality 16 @ 7:00 pm! Once you’ve reserved your ticket, share with your friends on Facebook! Join us and support the movie makers and our community!

Saturday January 17! Learn the Tranky Doo in our January WORKSHOP with Connor & Irina!

InterScreen Shot 2015-01-11 at 11.23.24 PMested in learning some awesome jazz dance moves? Come on over and learn the Tranky Doo, a line dance similar to the Shim Sham and Big Apple. The workshop will be taught by the wonderful Connor Cole & Irina Degtiar who are both transplants from the Bay area!

Saturday January 17! 4th RAGTIME EXTRAVAGANZA with Erin Morris and her Ragdolls!

Be sure to get your tickets ASAP for this spectacular show, coming to the breathtaking Michigan Theater THIS Saturday at 8pm! The Ragdolls are shaking, sparkling, and stomping for their 4th RAGTIME EXTRAVAGANZA and you won’t want to miss us or the rest of the absolutely staggering lineup this year! For more details click here!

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