5 Reasons to Swing this Valentine


1. Couples who sway together, stay together

Exercising is always better with a partner. Especially when it’s a romantic partner. A recent story in Psychology Today found physical activity with your romantic partner increases happiness, develops a greater emotional bond and makes you fall in love with your partner all over again.

2. All the moving, grooving and swinging hips

… well, how wouldn’t that lead to more romance?

3. Dancing has exceptional mental health benefits 

Dancing has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. It also has positive effects on confidence, memory and learning. Whether it’s the winter blues, stress at work or just typical day-to-day life, dancing is one of the most mentally beneficial exercises around.

4. You’ll make new friends (i.e. other “couple” friends)

How many more stories can you hear from your single friends talking about their wild and crazy nights? Little do they know, true excitement is sharing something fun and unique with the one you love. Nothing unites friends like a passion for dancing.

5. It’s a valuable life skill that will come in handy forever

No longer will you feel anxious at weddings and parties. You will no longer be afraid to ask someone to dance. You’ll be ready for any impromptu dance parties. Dancing comes in handy in so many life events, you’ll be glad you know a move or two.

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