Wacky July Schedule!

Summer is finally heating up in Ann Arbor! This month’s schedule is going to be funky because of venue availability, holidays, and summer travel, so make sure your calendar is up to date!

Copy of July Series

There are NO official series this month! Swing I, Swing II, and Balboa are on hiatus for July. To make up for that, we’re teaching THREE solo jazz routines!  Ever heard of the Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, or the Big Apple? Yeah! Those are solo jazz routines! They’re meant to be danced with a group, and the ones we’re teaching this month are just like that. This month we’ll be teaching the Tranky Doo, Doin’ The Jive, and First Stops!

1st week of July (1-4) – NO classes, beginner lesson, or dance.
Dance schedule
July 10, 17, 31 – Beginner lesson & dance @ the Vandenberg Room
July 24 – NO beginner lesson & dance. We’ll organize a social event (maybe a movie night???)
Lesson schedule
July 8 – Tranky Doo, Part 1        (click here to pay via eventbrite)
July 15 – Tranky Doo, Part 2      (click here to pay via eventbrite)
July 22 – Doin’ the Jive                (click here to pay via eventbrite)
July 29 – First Stops                     (click here to pay via eventbrite)